Good Grades Dispensary: ​​Weekly Report Card

Class has begun. Here's the Good Grades review of Eaton Botanicals' new edibles Gal Pal and Daily Elevation!

Each week, Leafly and Good Grades Dispensary in Queens, New York, team up to test a new product from the licensed market. This week, Budtender Melody is testing the Gal Pal (watermelon) and Daily Elevation (peach) flavors of Eaton Botanical's 5 mg (1:1 THC/CBD) (hybrid) gummies.

Good Grades is the first woman-owned dispensary in Queens, NY. Follow Good Grades on Leafly for more products and reviews.

Gal Pal (Watermelon) by Eaton Botanicals

Gal Pal Gummies by Eaton Botanicals.With calming herbs and a light kick of THC and CBD, Gal Pal gummies from Eaton Botanicals are a lady's best friend any time of the month.

“Ladies, this is your new best friend for any time of day of the month. Infused with CBD and magnolia bark extract, chasteberry, and vitamin B6. I feel like the ingredients here also promote circulation and reduce inflammation. Even if you're not on your period, it's a good experience. And you still get that kick from the 5mg dose of THC.

Daily Elevation (Peach) by Eaton Botanicals

Daily Elevation (Peach) by Eaton BotanicalsDaily Elevation (Peach) by Eaton Botanicals

“I feel like this is similar to a sativa strain. It contains 280 mg of Cordyceps, a mushroom extract that is non-psychedelic. The benefits are energy, upliftment, and motivation to start the day!”

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