Connecticut’s top 10 cannabis strains

Here are the weed strains Connecticut loves the most, according to Leafly data.

Next Tuesday, January 10th, Connecticut’s first legal weed shops will open for sale to adults. Beginning at 10:00 a.m., licensed hybrid dealers may sell cannabis products to all adults 21 and older.

The opening list of stores includes Affinity in New Haven, Bluepoint Wellness of CT in Branford, Still River Wellness in Torrington, Fine Fettle Dispensary in Newington, Stamford and Willimantic, The Botanist in Danbury and Montville, and Willow Brook Wellness in Meriden.

From edibles and carts to premium native flowers, these are the products to look out for when Connecticut’s medical dispensaries expand to welcome all adults 21 and older next week, January 10th.

Connecticut’s most popular varieties

According to Leafly’s search data, these are the 10 strains people were searching for in 2022:

Wedding cake marijuana strainWedding Cake by Bay Area CRAFT Delivery. (David Downs / Leafly)

  • wedding cake – Sweet, fluffy, soft. Smokers across the country love this strain. So it’s no surprise that she started and ended the year as the most popular strain in Connecticut.
  • GG4 – For four months in 2022, GG4 held the top spot in Leafly’s 2022 strain ratings.
  • Runtz – Runtz reached number two for a few months this summer. Being voted the 2019 Leafly Strain of the Year has set the bar for Zaza in recent years.
  • ice cream cake – Another essential dessert variety eating up America from coast to coast. Especially in Connecticut, smokers are desperate for this flavor thanks to intense pain relief.
  • Ice – This exotic staple is popular with both growers and buyers who swear by its sweet taste, intense effects, and resilient genetics.
  • blue dream – This throwback classic is still loved in Connecticut. Some terps never go out of style.
  • Apple Cake – A sweet flavor boost that will make you want to smack your mom (just kidding, don’t do that!)
  • Oreoz – Connecticut can’t get enough of this sweet and dark strain associated with deep relaxation and creative sparks.
  • jealousy – Leafly’s 2022 Strain of the Year is truly spectacular. Despite starting outside the top 10 in 2022, Jealousy shot up to No. 6 in July and continued to hold his own.
  • Mac1 – This sleeper pick started and ended the year at #10. Expect an old-school funk and an intense high that is sure to keep her on our radar throughout 2023.

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