Comparison Spliffs vs. Blunts: What is the difference

Whether you're an experienced smoker or new to the scene, navigating the world of smoking accessories and terms can be a bit like learning a new language.

Spliffs and blunts are two popular methods of smoking weed. But what's the difference between them? And of course, which is better?

Today we analyze these two classics. Understanding the differences will help you choose the best option for your next session.

What is a spliff?

A spliff is a smokable mixed product consisting of ground cannabis flowers and loose tobacco leaves rolled in cigarette paper.

Spliffs are typically about 50% tobacco, but users can add as much or as little as they like depending on personal preference.

Technically, any amount of tobacco mixed with cannabis is considered a joint.

Spliffs are more common in the United Kingdom, Europe and the Caribbean than in the United States.

What is a blunt?

Blunts are cigars in which the tobacco has been removed and replaced with marijuana. They can also be rolled with tobacco leaf wrappers.

Unlike spliffs, which mix cannabis with tobacco, blunts consist only of cannabis.

And the name? It comes from the cigar brand Phillies Blunt.

According to various Internet sources, blunts originated in New York, among other things, as a method for smoking weed discreetly.

What is the difference between spliffs and blunts?

There are notable differences between a spliff and a blunt. It all depends on what's inside and what's being rolled with.

1. Material used for rolling

One of the main differences between the two is the type of wrapping they use.

Spliffs use thin, translucent rolling papers, which also come in flavored versions for those who want an additional experience with their buds.

Blunts, on the other hand, use brown wrappers made from dried and preserved tobacco leaves to create an additional flavored kick.

However, when blunt wrappers are not available, smokers typically empty cigars and cigarillos and use the wraps for flower.

2. Type of rolling

Smokers make joints and use filters or crutches to support their structure and prevent flowers from falling into the mouth.

They also have a cylindrical, cigarette-like shape, which makes rolling them relatively easy, especially for beginners.

You often don't see a filter inside a blunt; that's just etiquette with this chosen method of consumption.

Blunts require a little more “love” when rolling, as the tobacco leaf can easily dry out and break.

This is why you've seen people breathing on and practically drooling on their joint while rolling it. It might look a little gross, but it's essential for a smooth roll.

More details on rolling a blunt?

3. Contents

Spliffs contain a mixture of tobacco and cannabis. You can choose the ratio. Many spliff smokers use a 50:50 ratio of cannabis to tobacco.

Unlike spliffs, blunts consist only of cannabis.

4. Size and burning time

Spliffs are similar to a cigarette, but sometimes even smaller. You can easily carry them with you anywhere and light one up whenever and wherever you want.

Due to their size and the thinness of the cigarette paper, spliffs burn quickly.

Blunts, on the other hand, tend to be thicker and larger than spliffs and therefore offer space for more herbs.

Because of the thick coils, they also burn slower and you can pass a blunt around without worrying, making them a popular choice for group sessions.

5. Taste

Because of the nicotine in the tobacco leaves, spliffs can provide a more upbeat, energetic feeling.

One of the benefits of spliffs is that they tone down the smell of marijuana. The tobacco smell adds a layer of odor and slightly masks the smell of weed.

The high from a joint is also much milder. It does depend on how much weed and tobacco you mix, but since there is less cannabis, you simply get less high.

Blunts produce a stronger high than spliffs because they contain more cannabis and therefore a higher THC concentration.

Additionally, the tobacco wrapper adds a slight nicotine rush to your herbal high, creating a unique experience that some say enhances the overall effect.

6. Health effects

Both marijuana and tobacco smoke can damage your lungs and increase your risk of several serious diseases.

If you mix marijuana with tobacco, you are also exposed to the harmful effects of tobacco.

If you are health conscious, a blunt is less harmful than a spliff because it contains less nicotine, which is addictive and has been linked to carcinogenic effects when burned.

Alternative to spliffs or blunts

Not interested in blunts or spliffs? Maybe you want an alternative from time to time.

The choice of different varieties on the market is endless. Some of these are bongs and hand pipes.

Some people like to try dry herb vaporizers so they know how much THC they are getting with each hit.

Craving something sweet? Try baked goods, candy or drinks with cannabis.

It all depends on what you want from your experience. Each one is unique.

Spliff vs. Blunt: Which is Better for You?

Knowing the differences between a spliff and a blunt will help you make choices that suit your preferences.

Spliffs are the most economical choice because they require less weed. If you live in a place where quality weed is hard to find, you can save money by rolling a limited amount of weed with tobacco.

Blunts provide a more intense high. If you want to smoke or share a lot of weed at once, a blunt is the better of the two options for you.

Whether you enjoy the camaraderie that comes from combining cannabis and tobacco in a spliff setting or you appreciate the added flavor of blunts, the decision is ultimately yours.

Always remember to consume responsibly, comply with laws and regulations regarding cannabis consumption, and make your personal health and well-being a top priority.

Are weed grinders good for rolling spliffs or blunts?

Properly ground cannabis improves airflow, making the smoke easier to inhale and ensuring your blunt or spliff burns evenly.

If you regularly grind large quantities of cannabis flowers, investing in a weed grinder may be worthwhile.

Using a weed grinder delivers consistent results, improves efficiency, preserves trichomes, saves time, and provides the convenience of kief collection.

Do you want a high-quality weed grinder? At LOOKAH you will find herb grinders on offer, from exotic grinders to classic grinders with four parts.

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