Comparison between joints and spliffs: what's the difference?

Despite the growing popularity of vaporizing, the art of rolling cannabis is still an important part of smoking culture.

Two of the most common types of rolled cannabis are spliffs and joints.

Although they look similar, there is a crucial difference between them that can affect your smoking experience.

In this guide, we analyze the spliff vs. joint debate to help you find the right consumption method for you.

Whether you just want to know the difference or need more detailed information about which is better, you will find all the information you need in this article.

What is a joint?

A joint is a cannabis product that is rolled with cigarette paper and contains only cannabis.

Joints are known for their straightforward composition – cannabis wrapped in rolling papers, often with a filter or crutch at one end to make handling and smoking easier.

Joints are the most popular form of smoking in the United States. They are portable and can be lit anywhere where it is legal.

What is a spliff?

A spliff is a combination of cannabis and tobacco that is rolled into a joint-like shape.

The ratio of cannabis to tobacco can vary depending on preference.

The word “spliff” probably has West Indian roots and has become popular in Jamaican-English slang.

Spliffs are more common in the United Kingdom, Europe and the Caribbean than in the United States.

Joints vs. Spliffs: What are the similarities?

A spliff looks exactly like a joint because they have many similarities!

1. Cigarette papers and wrappers

The same papers are used for joints and spliffs. It doesn't matter what papers you use, classic or flavored, a joint is still a joint and a spliff is still a spliff.

Cigarette papers are usually white, but they come in different colors and flavors. They come in grape, cherry, chocolate, or other flavors. In addition, papers come in different sizes: large, small, or medium.

2. Size

Spliffs and joints are more or less the same size. Both are small and portable and you can buy a pre-rolled joint or roll one yourself.

Many of you like this smoking method because of its portability and convenience as it can be smoked and rolled at any time.

3. Rolling techniques

No matter which method you choose, the two rolls are done in a similar way, so if someone can roll a joint, they can easily make a spliff.

It's nothing complicated and you only need to master a few steps to enjoy your own handmade twist on your favorite dehydrator.

Want to learn the rolling technique? Here are more details on how to roll a joint. Step-by-step instructions

Joints vs. Spliffs: What’s the Difference?

Joints and spliffs have significant differences that can affect your smoking experience.

1. Contents

A spliff is a mixture of cannabis and tobacco. The ratio of tobacco to marijuana can vary, but what makes a spliff special is its composition.

Unlike a spliff, a joint contains only cannabis in a rolling paper. It offers a pure marijuana smoking experience without the addition of tobacco.

2. Aroma and taste

Because a joint is made entirely of cannabis, you can smell the strain in it in its pure, unaltered form.

You will smell the variety in all its fullness if the rolling paper has no flavor.

Joints are usually preferred by those who seek the pure taste and effects of cannabis.

Because a spliff contains tobacco, it will probably smell more like a cigarette than a joint.

In addition, the presence of tobacco gives the joint a significant nicotine rush in addition to the high from cannabis.

3. Effect and experience

Joints can produce a more intense high than spliffs because they contain more cannabis or a higher concentration of THC.

Spliffs typically contain more tobacco and less cannabis than a joint, so they produce a less intense high and still have more of the energetic, intoxicating effects of tobacco.

For someone smoking cannabis for the first time, a joint might be an option to try it out.

4. Health effects

When comparing joints and spliffs, health aspects play a role.

Spliffs contain tobacco, which can lead to nicotine addiction and possible lung problems.

Joints made from pure cannabis do not contain nicotine, but inhaling any smoke can still pose lung health risks, albeit in a different way than tobacco use.

The key is moderation and understanding the impact each method has on your well-being.

5. Costs

Spliffs are a more economical choice than joints because they require less weed.

If you live in a place where quality weed is hard to find, you can save money by rolling a limited amount of weed with tobacco.

6. Cultural and social perspectives

In North America and some other regions, joints are the predominant form of cannabis consumption.

They are deeply rooted in cannabis culture and are often associated with leisure, relaxation and a sense of community.

Passing a joint among friends is a ritualized social activity that promotes camaraderie and connection within the cannabis community.

Conversely, spliffs are more popular in European countries and other parts of the world. This preference can be attributed to cultural norms regarding tobacco consumption and smoking habits.

In these regions, mixing cannabis with tobacco is a common practice, reflecting a cultural acceptance of mixed-use products.

Additionally, spliffs may be seen as a cheaper or more accessible option, especially in areas where cannabis regulations are strict or tobacco is more readily available.

The 5 best alternatives to smoking joints and spliffs

If you are looking for a healthier or alternative way to smoke cannabis, fortunately there are many methods that allow you to enjoy the benefits of cannabis without smoking it.

Alternative forms include bongs, hand pipes, vaporizer pens, concentrates, and all kinds of edibles (candy, cookies, butter, cooking oils).

1. Bong

Bongs are a tried and tested method of consuming cannabis flowers. These smoking devices come in a variety of styles, shapes and sizes.

Many bongs have water or ice filtration, which can provide a cooler and smoother smoking experience compared to a blunt or joint.

2. Glass hand pipes

Hand pipes, like bongs, come in many different shapes and sizes to suit the consumption needs of all patients and consumers.

Furthermore, these consumption devices do not pose the same risks and potential dangers as tobacco blunt wraps.

Glass hand pipes are very intuitive and therefore perfect for beginners.

3. Evaporator

For those who enjoy inhaling cannabis but want to avoid combustion, a cannabis vape pen may be just the thing.

These devices come in a variety of forms, from easy-to-use disposable pens to fancy setups with mods, tanks, and various other accessories that can be used over and over again.

4. Concentrates

Concentrated THC products (also known as hash oil, dabs, wax, earwax, honey, honey oil, resin or shatter) are products made by extracting THC from the marijuana plant.

This product can contain up to 90 percent THC and is consumed by smoking, vaporizing, dabbing, or adding to food.

5. Edible

Edible cannabis products are a very popular method of consuming cannabis.

This method of consumption involves ingesting cannabis rather than inhaling it to reap its benefits and effects.

Edibles are much more discreet, stronger and produce a longer lasting effect than inhalation methods, making them a great substitute for blunts and joints.

Joint vs. Spliff: Which is Better for You?

In summary, both joints and spliffs offer unique and enjoyable experiences for cannabis lovers. The main differences lie in the ingredients, taste, effects and health aspects.

Spliffs are a mixture of tobacco and cannabis, which provides a special taste and a stronger, albeit shorter, high due to the nicotine.

Joints, on the other hand, allow you to enjoy the pure taste and smell of cannabis, resulting in a smoother smoke and a more consistent, longer-lasting high.

Personal preference and circumstances play a significant role in the choice between joints and spliffs, and alternative methods offer even more ways to enjoy cannabis.

Whether you prefer the pure cannabis high of a joint or the intoxicating effects of a tobacco-infused spliff, a world of exciting experiences awaits you.

Why does everyone use a weed grinder to roll joints and spliffs?

When it comes to grinding cannabis flowers, a grinder is unmatched in its ability to produce an even, consistent grind.

Grinders break down the grass into smaller particles, releasing more flavor molecules and making the smoking experience more enjoyable.

By grinding your weed, you can create a finer, more consistent texture, allowing for a more even burn and stronger smoke.

Fifth Ave Green House's high-quality weed grinders are equipped with razor-sharp teeth to ensure even and effortless grinding of herbs.

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