Cannabis worse than tobacco – study

Is Cannabis Worse Than Tobacco? According to a new Canadian study, the answer is yes!

Remember when former Prime Minister Stephen Harper called cannabis “infinitely worse than tobacco”? Canadians rightly laughed at him. Some of us also laughed at him for saying the Liberals were going to introduce a Netflix tax.

The Liberals ended up doing much worse – they regulated the Internet. So how exactly was his cannabis statement “infinitely worse than tobacco”?

Details of the study

Is Cannabis Worse Than Tobacco? Apparently not, for reasons we’ll get into below. But for now, let’s go into detail about this study.

First, it’s a preliminary study that includes research that others will need to verify in the future. Therefore, the results of this “Cannabis Worse Than Tobacco” study are inconclusive.

However, the researchers used CT scans of cannabis smokers, non-smokers and tobacco smokers who were over 50 years old and had smoked for over 25 years.

Their preliminary results suggested that cannabis smokers had higher rates of emphysema than tobacco smokers. 75% of cannabis smokers had emphysema compared to 67% of tobacco smokers.

The study authors also suggest that gynecomastia was more common in cannabis smokers than in pure tobacco smokers.

Why these results?

Cannabis worse than tobacco - study

Researchers noted that higher rates of respiratory illness in cannabis smokers “may be due to the way marijuana is smoked and the fact that marijuana smoke enters the lungs unfiltered.”

In addition, cannabis smokers tend to inhale more and hold it in their lungs longer than tobacco smokers.

However, airway inflammation caused by inhaling dead plant matter is reversible if caught early enough.

Although not mentioned in the study, cannabinoids like CBD have anti-inflammatory properties. So, theoretically, you could offset the harm of smoking by taking CBD oil.

Nonetheless, the author of the study, Dr. Revah that they will need more research “before we can effect policy change. We need larger, more robust prospective studies with more patients to confirm this.”

Including how cannabis was smoked. Is smoking through a water bong safer than inhaling directly from a small glass pipe?

And why “influence policy changes”? Cannabis prohibition didn’t work before. This does not work under legalization. And it won’t work if or when public health busybodies tighten the rules.

Is Cannabis Worse Than Tobacco?

Cannabis worse than tobacco - study

Given that small sample size and just looking at lung health, you could probably conclude that cannabis is worse than tobacco.

But there are other factors besides the inconclusiveness of this preliminary study.

The main factor in deciding whether cannabis is worse than tobacco is the number of deaths caused by each cause each year.

Tobacco kills more than 480,000 people in the United States each year. There are more than 8 million worldwide every year.

How many people die from cannabis each year? Zero.

Even if we agree with the prohibitionists, they can only attribute 14 deaths to cannabis.

14 since 1998 versus 8 million each year.

Here’s how it looks excellent.

Cannabis worse than tobacco

Cannabis is barely visible.

If smoking cannabis worries you, you have other options:

  • edible
  • shatter
  • vaporize flower
  • topical creams
  • oils

You could also try filtering your joints or smoking from a water bong.

Is Cannabis Worse Than Tobacco? Obviously not. This small preliminary study of people over 50 who have smoked their entire lives proves nothing.

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