5 Stunning Christmas Wonderlands You Can Be (Legally!) Lighted In Too

The holidays are the perfect opportunity to travel to a cozy and beautiful place. These days it’s also the perfect opportunity to smoke weed and get high with friends and family.

Despite the fact that marijuana is becoming more popular by the minute, transporting and buying marijuana is still a problem that requires some preparation in advance. You can’t just walk into a place and expect to find a pharmacy. But don’t worry, we’ve got you. Here are five Christmas destinations where you can also buy weed.

Leavenworth, Washington

Photo by Rosalie Barley via Unsplash

Not only is Leavenworth a gorgeous vacation bubble, but it also has legal marijuana. Washington was one of the first states to legalize the drug and has allowed its sale and possession since 2012. Leavenworth is a popular vacation spot for many reasons, one of which is the fact that the town looks like a small Bavarian village and it really gets going at Christmas, with beautiful decorations and a tree lighting ceremony in the town square.

Boston, Mass

Boston Weed VacationPhoto by Andrew Spencer via Unsplash

You can’t walk around Boston without coming across a pharmacy. Massachusetts legalized marijuana in 2016 and decriminalized it years earlier (in 2008). Aside from being a great city in general, Boston is also a perfect vacation spot, known for its cold weather, many Christmas markets and the New England Christmas Festival, which is very popular in the area.

New-York, New-York

New York HolidaysPhoto by Elias Andres-Jose via Unsplash

While selling marijuana in New York is a work in progress, buying has never been easier as there are dispensaries and marijuana stores all over the city.

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When it comes to the holidays, the city is a favorite for good reason. Rockefeller Square isn’t just a holiday rom-com icon, there’s just so much to do during the season in general. Throughout December there is Christmas tree lighting in Rockefeller Square, ice skating, hundreds of Christmas markets and, if you’re lucky, some snow in Central Park.

Big Bear Lake, California

ChristmasChristmas at Big Bear Lake Photo by Angel La Canfora/Getty Images

While California isn’t the traditional vacation choice, Big Bear Lake is home to the City’s Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony and has many beautiful Christmas markets to choose from. It’s also surrounded by dispensaries that stock some of California’s best weed.

Vail, Colorado

Vail, CoPhoto by Adventure_Photo/Getty Images

Colorado has one of the best marijuana markets in the country and legalized the drug in 2014.

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Vail is also a fantastic vacation spot, offering visitors plenty of opportunities to enjoy the snow, enjoy some beautiful mountains, and ski if that’s what they’re into.

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