5 reasons why you should smoke weed during the holidays

The holiday season is a time of enjoyment. It’s a time when we’re expected to snuggle up, remember the events of the year, cook comforting and comforting foods, watch tons of movies, and have fun. We need it especially after surviving the past few years.

One thing that reliably makes holiday celebrations better is weed. Whether you spend your days alone, with roommates, or with family, the celebrations get an extra sparkle when you add some weed into the equation. Here are 5 reasons why you should consider weed this holiday season:

Holiday food tastes better

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We tend to overeat during the holidays and that’s okay. This year, whatever your circumstances, you can use weed to really enjoy all the foods you eat during the holiday season. Make plans to cook something delicious or bake Christmas cookies whether you are alone or with friends and family. Smoking weed and eating these delicious meals will allow you to appreciate them more deeply while having a really good time. (And we have some answers for anyone wondering why weed gives you the munchies?)

You will have much more fun in your holiday sightseeing

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Whether you watch Christmas movies, the best movies of the year, or just reality TV, weed will make everything better. You’ll find all the dialogue and plot points deeply intriguing, you’ll appreciate the colors and cinematography better, you might even fall asleep without wanting to and wake up refreshed and rejuvenated. We’ve earned it this Christmas season; Do it.

Gifts have an added charm

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Not all gifts are created equal, with some people being great gift givers and others lacking this very specific talent. Weed will allow you to become a better actor and find something charming about every strange gift you have received.

Looking at the Christmas lights can be a nighttime activity

What you should know about Christmas celebrations during the pandemicPhoto by Eugene Tones via Unsplash

Christmas lights are beautiful under normal conditions. They’re especially great with weed. Since we are lacking in many fun activities this Christmas season, a good and safe pastime would be to go somewhere known for its Christmas decorations, smoke and relax.

Zooms and video calls become much more tolerable

Zoom tries to censor nudityPhoto by Allie Smith via Unsplash

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The holidays are great, but they’re also stressful, whether you’re celebrating in person or via Zoom. (Are people still doing this? Just us? Okay.) But may we suggest adding some weed to the mix. This gives you extra patience when your friends and family members are very loud or forget to unmute.

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