4th of July Cannabis Tips: How to Get High in July

The 4th of July is a great opportunity to sit back and enjoy your right to consume cannabis (depending on where you live). Celebrating Independence Day can take a new twist when you incorporate cannabis into your festivities. Whether you're hosting a backyard barbecue or enjoying a quiet night of fireworks, here are four fun and innovative ways to add a touch of green to your 4th of July.

1. Cannabis-infused BBQ

Nothing says 4th of July like a good old-fashioned barbecue. Up your grilling game by adding cannabis to your recipes. Create cannabis-infused marinades or butters to slather on grilled meats or vegetables. Not only does it add a unique flavor, but it also provides a relaxing effect that will help you and your guests unwind. Remember to have labeled non-infused options available for guests who prefer them.

2. Edible products for the 4th of July

Get creative in the kitchen and create edibles in red, white, and blue. Think marijuana-infused gummy bears, cookies, or even popsicles that mix the patriotic colors. These can be a great conversation starter and a discreet way to consume cannabis during your festivities. Be sure to monitor dosage so everyone has an enjoyable experience.

3. Cannabis cocktails

Mix up some cannabis-infused cocktails to keep spirits high and the conversation flowing. You can use tinctures or cannabis-infused mixers to add a twist to classic cocktails like mojitos or margaritas. Decorate with American flags or colorful straws to keep the festive spirit alive. Always have non-alcoholic versions on hand for those who aren't joining in.

4. Relax with CBD

For a more relaxed celebration, you can offer high-CBD products for a more calming, non-psychoactive experience. CBD can be great for helping to calm the excitement and noise, which is especially useful for pets and people who are sensitive to fireworks.

Cannabis leaves and fireworks, perfect for the 4th of July celebrations

Remember, if you include cannabis in your 4th of July activities, always be aware of the laws in your area to ensure a safe and legal celebration. Properly label any cannabis-infused products, keep them out of the reach of children and pets, and educate your guests on the options available so everyone can make an informed decision. Enjoy your cannabis-infused 4th of July responsibly!

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